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What are the Tasks of a Facilitator?

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) practitioners will at some point in their career be placed in a position where they have to communicate M&E work to a group of people.

This may be to project staff, policy makers and other stakeholders. Sometimes, the meeting will be comprised of persons who are not fully versed with the technical M&E jargons or to persons who may not be receptive to hear the less than positive findings from an evaluation report. Likewise, the group may consist of persons with diverse backgrounds and competing interests, yet their consensus is needed.

This is where skills are needed to navigate the group (and power) dynamics to effectively facilitate a meeting that is engaging, elicits participation and produces tangible results.

The word ‘facilitator’ comes from the Latin –facilitas, which roughly means ‘easiness’. Thus a facilitator is someone who works to make meetings and group interactions easier. The facilitator may be viewed as a catalyst for better group interactions.

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