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Sample of Completed Projects

The evaluation assessed the extent to which the pilot contributes to ending discriminatory practices towards vulnerable and minority groups (in general or one identified demographic group) in the implementation of probation and/or provision of associated support services which accompany non-custodial sentences.

Evaluation Report

This study was commissioned by the UNDP on the social issues facing migrants that were involuntarily returned from the United Kingdom to Jamaica.


The objectives of the study were to ascertain insight on IRMs’ personal and family backgrounds; challenges related to reintegration; needs for and access to services/programmes to assist with their reintegration process; gender differences with respect to these needs and access; and the level of reoffending since deportation.

Report Cover IRM study.png

This is a published journal article that was  authored on the plights of women working under inhumane and 'slave-like' factory conditions. The major findings were that the business practices were not in line with the provisions of International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the UN Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).  Recommendations of the study were for the national government to have more gender focused policies, changes to the law to protect the rights of women and gender mainstreaming.

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Annual Report produced for the International Criminal Court’s Trust Fund for Victims. For the production of the document, Ann-Murray Brown Consultancy collected and analysed  primary/secondary data and drafted the report to show the impact of the funds on the lives of persons. 

Cover Page for Trust Fund.png

Ann-Murray Brown Consulting was contracted to conduct and publish the findings of the “Socio- Economic Impact of Disability on Children and Access to Safety Nets Study’’.

  1. Assess the type of care accessed by children (0-6 years) with a disability and the impact of this care on the family’s expenditure (including the family’s coping strategies).

  2. Estimate the expenditure that families would incur for the required treatment of congenital disability1 in the first five years of life.

  3. Examine the degree to which families who have children with disabilities access social safety net programmes and identify the main bottlenecks for accessing these services

Unicef Study Cover Page.png

This is a policy that was penned for The Salvation Army Netherlands to set quality norms and standards to how their interventions are monitored and evaluated globally. The standards include (but not limited to);

-adherence to internationally agreed upon principles, goals and targets of development,

-application of the OECD/DAC criteria for evaluations

-the formation of an internal reference group for evaluations

-setting up of a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system

MEL Policy Cover.png

Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tool was developed to measure the performance of the Sexual Offences Model Court in Antigua and Barbuda

M and E Tool Cover Page.png

​​​Ann-Murray Brown

Monitoring, Evaluation and
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