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Ann-Murray Brown

Monitoring, Evaluation and Facilitation Expert

For far too long the traditional approach makes Monitoring and Evaluation  (M&E) complicated and intimidating.   


Likewise, the trend in the industry has been to write evaluations (and all things M&E) in stiff, boring academic language that is fully laced with technical jargons.


I believe that this goes against the spirit of utilization-focused and participatory evaluations. How can persons use and apply M&E when they can't even fully understand or relate to it? How can the voice of the vulnerable be heard and their lives transformed if the studies with the findings are not presented in an engaging way?

This quest to 'de-mystify' M&E, to present concepts in an accessible language that everyone can understand, also saw me facilitating M&E workshops.


This eventually led to me also being a group facilitator and not just a learning facilitator.


 As a facilitator I help teams improve organisational performance and drive collaboration.

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​​​Ann-Murray Brown

Monitoring, Evaluation and
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