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Tips for the Evaluation Professional

Whether you have been in the industry for 30 years or you are new to the profession as an 'emerging evaluator', you are sure to benefit from this video.

I sat down with Gail V. Barrington, author of Consulting Start-Up and Management: A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers' as she shared her experiences.

She touched on why it is important to do 'milestone billing' so if the relationship between yourself and the client goes sore, you at least got some of your money. Likewise, the value of networking to secure business leads and to land jobs.

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Many thanks Ann for the Webinar. I tried joining yesterday and failed but thank God, you shared. It's been awesome listening to the words of wisdom required for success. I appreciate. Daniel from Uganda

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Ann-Murray Brown
Ann-Murray Brown
17 Σεπ 2020

Thank you Carlos for the positive feedback 🙏

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I had the oportunity to participate in the webinar. It was very instructive and useful. I liked the way that Gail shared her experience as a consultant and the questions proposed by Ann-Murray and some participants were challenging and well answered by Gail. Keep doing this kind of capacity building process. Congrats.

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