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Evaluation and Visualisation

What is EvaluVision?

"EvaluVision" is a concept that was coined by the World Food Programme (WFP). It seeks to increase the utilisation of evaluation through the use of visualisation. EvaluVision is based on the premise that persons better retain content that is graphically shown, than long reports that contain just text.

This method is particularly useful for audiences that may not be familiar with technical evaluation jargons, nor have the time to comb through all the complex terms and formulas that are sometimes part of evaluation documents.

EvaluVision filters content, technical language, theories, and organises them into comprehensible graphics.

The end product is a one-page visual summary (as a result of the workshop), and an accompanying short video. Through the video, the essence of the workshop can be easily communicated to a wider audience through social media and e-mail communications. It can also be used as a monitoring tool later on.

What is the process for EvaluVision?

The process typically involves two workshops: one at the community level and another at the national level. Community feedback is gathered at the first workshop. This is then brought to the second workshop in order to bridge the communication gap between the local and the national levels. The workshop team usuallyconsist of the evaluator (s) and the graphic facilitator.

The evaluator (s) do not have to facilitate. Their main responsibility is to present the key findings from the evaluation, and if need be, reflect on the outcome of the workshop before the report is finalised.

The graphic facilitator takes full control of the EvaluVision workshop, working with cofacilitators to divide the role of evaluation content and process, and allow the graphic facilitator to draw while the other facilitator maintains the flow of the workshop. The image below gives an overview of the process.

Image reproduced from WFP (2021). EvaluVision How visual thinking improves evaluation use and influence

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