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A Beginner's Guide to Women's Empowerment (Sarah Longwe) Framework

gender equality and gender analysis

When it comes to achieving gender equality and empowering women, it's not enough to have good intentions. We need concrete ways to assess how our programs and policies are actually making a difference in women's lives. That's where the Sarah Longwe Framework comes in handy for a gender analysis.

What is the Sarah Longwe Framework?

Developed by a Zambian women's rights activist in the 1990s, the Longwe Framework is a way to evaluate the extent of women's empowerment and progress toward gender equality. It outlines five increasing levels of equality that women should be able to achieve.

Don't worry if "framework" sounds intimidating - I'll break it down in simple terms. The beauty of Longwe's approach is that it gives us a practical lens to analyze gender work, celebrate gains, and identify gaps to improve our efforts. So let's dive in!

What are the Levels of the Framework?

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