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Evaluation Reporting Secrets: How to Make Stakeholders Stand Up and Take Notice

Creating an effective evaluation report is a balance of art and science.

While the data itself provides objective insights, transforming those dry statistics into compelling insights that drive change is its own skillset.

In this blog post, I'm breaking down the key ingredients for crafting killer evaluation reports that get read and inspire action. I've distilled years of experience down to 7 essential tips, covering everything from storytelling techniques to tailoring your message for diverse audiences.

Whether you're looking to enhance your next evaluation report or completely transform how you present findings, the Evaluation Reporting Checklist (see image below) will guide you to success.

During the workshop on 25 January, 2024, I will be expanding on each principle in the checklist - from grabbing attention hooks to incorporating visual elements that make data dazzle. Follow my checklist to produce polished, persuasive evaluation reports your stakeholders can't ignore!

Effective Evaluation Reporting Checklist


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