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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Facilitation Practices

There are two broad categories of facilitators; learning and group.

A learning facilitator is like a trainer who imparts subject matter knowledge and skills transfer by delivering learning content (in my case, I facilitate workshops on Monitoring and Evaluation).

A group facilitator leads and manages discussions with a group of people on issues that impact them. Group facilitators support and help group members engage in constructive dialogue to be able to problem-solve, manage conflict, plan strategy, and make decisions. A group facilitator does not have to be a subject matter expert (in my case, I have facilitated strategic meetings and retreats across various non-M&E industries)

Regardless of whether one is a learning or group facilitator, the following infographic gives an overview of good and bad facilitator practices.

Facilitation Practices
Good and Bad Facilitation Practices

Image courtesy of Active Presence


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