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Online Training on Focus Group Discussions (FGDs),11-15 October 2021

This course includes live sessions and practical assignments as you learn about Focus Group Discussions.



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One-on-one consultations

Have a burning question on your career, your CV, Monitoring and Evaluation or just need some direction etc.? Here is your chance to book a direct consulation with me via a call or email consultation.



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Online Training on Monitoring and Evaluation

This is a self-paced course that is remote and without live sessions.



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Theory of Change Presentations

These are the Powerpoint presentations that were shared at the Masterclass on Theory of Change.



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Join my coaching/mentoring programme for individualised support to advance your career. For 30 days you will have intensive sessions with me to review of your CV, shape your professional brand and so much more 



Master Class on Theory of Change, 2-4 Ma

Theory of Change Videos

For persons who could not  physically attend the Masterclass on Theory of Change (ToC),here is your chance to also benefit from the knowledge that was shared. Download the presentations from the best ToC experts.