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Support Group

Monitoring and Evaluation Academy

  • Access to over 100 infographics on M&E (all available in high definition downloadable pdf format)

  • Access  to Theory of Change content (videos, powerpoint presentations, background documents and handouts)

  • Unlimited Access to the Resource Library

  • Unlimited Access to the Member Forum to interact with other professionals

  • Opportunity to interact with Ann during monthly group calls



Support Group

Online Training on Facilitation Skills

At some point every professional will be placed in a position where they have to lead a group of people for decision-making purposes.


This group may consist of people with diverse backgrounds and competing interests, yet their consensus is needed.

This is where skills are needed to navigate the group (and power) dynamics to effectively facilitate a meeting that is engaging, elicits participation and produces tangible results.



Online Discussion

Online Training on Monitoring and Evaluation

This is a self-paced course that is remote and without live sessions. It is  tailored for persons with a non-M&E background but who are involved in the management and implementation of programmes.


It is also geared towards persons who are new to the M&E field. Students will benefit greatly from the course as well.



Group Of Businesspeople Meeting Around B

Email consultations

Have a burning question on your career, your CV, Monitoring and Evaluation or just need some direction etc.? Here is your chance to book a direct consultation with me via an email consultation.



​​​Ann-Murray Brown

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