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Webinar on Visualisation of Theories of Change 

Join the webinar, "Visualisation of Theories of Change" which takes place on 12 December 2023 at 18:00h CET.


Aim: To impart skills on how to improve the visualisation of Theories of Change (ToCs)


Objectives of the webinar:

By the end of the webinar participants will be able to:

  • Define what a TOC is

  • Describe that a TOC consists of a narrative and a visualisation

  • Describe the elements of a 'good' TOC visualisation

  • Be able to use non designer tools such as a powerpoint to visualise a TOC

Target Audience: Researchers, M&E and development professionals who are at varying stages of their career. The assumption is that persons will not have a designer background so the workshop is pitched at an introductory level. Whether you're involved in civil society, government agencies, academia, or private sector initiatives, this workshop offers crucial insights and practical skills to enhance the visualisation of your Theory of Change. You don't need formal training as a M&E practitioner to be part of this workshop.


Duration: 90 minutes


Recording: As persons are in different time zones, the time of the workshop may not be convenient for everyone. Therefore, the workshop will be recorded and available in the M&E Academy section of this website for persons to (re) watch at their convenience. By attending the workshop you give your consent for the recording.


Delivery: The workshop is via Zoom and will be participatory with 'hands on' activities to work with actual TOCs.


Presenters: Sara Vaca and Ann-Murray Brown


Cost:The workshop is free for members of the M&E Academy.


Not a member but still wish to be part of the workshop? Sign up for the M&E Academy now and secure your spot at this workshop.


Other benefits of being a member of the Academy are:

  • Automatic registration for other monthly workshops. This is 12 workshops for the year. Additionally, free (or discounted) admission to other special events of partner institutions.

  • Access to M&E resources such as publications and 100+ downlownable infographics

  • The opportunity to have your questions answered by both Ann-Murray Brown and other experts in the industry.

The Academy is reasonably priced at just 29.99 euros for the year so that the cost is not a barrier to access.



Members of the Academy are automatically registed for the workshop and an email with the Zoom calendar invitation to the workshop will be sent to all Academy members (including new members) via email TWO DAYS before the event.



If you are not yet a member, and wish to join the Academy so you can get access to the workshop, please hit the button below.

​​​Ann-Murray Brown

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