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3 Steps to Career Success

"Ann, how do I have a successful career in the Monitoring and Evaluation field?"' 

"Ann how do you create these nice infographics?"

Almost everyday I am asked a variation of the above questions.  


I am ready to share the formula that took me from working for minimum wage to running a successful business where I set my own rates. 


You can also have a successful career or business in Monitoring and Evaluation utilising my 3 step coaching programme.

Business Consultation







Over a period of 30 days we will have one-on-one sessions to:

  • concretise your professional goals

  • address your limiting beliefs that stand in the way of success

  • help you identify your niche area

  • guide you to discover your professional brand

  • revise and rewrite your CV

  • conduct mock interviews for jobs 

  • teach you to create infographics and other engaging content to promote your professional brand

  • advise you on social marketing strategies to expand your reach

  • give you insights on how to find job/consultancy opportunities (e.g. which websites to check and which are a waste of time!) 

The coaching programme consists of weekly virtual calls with me and homework over the course of 30 days/1 month. The programme is open to everyone irrespective of which stage you are in your career or business. The cost is 800 euros.

Persons who sign up must be available and willing to commit at least 3 hours each week. Due to the intensity of the coaching, I only accommodate 5 persons for each cycle of the programme, so register early to secure a spot!

​​​Ann-Murray Brown

Monitoring, Evaluation and
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