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Snapshot of Clientele

Joao Canossa Dias

Porto, Portugal

Ann is an amazing consultant, trainer and, most of all, person to work with.She can easily assess the client's expectations and customize her work to fulfill the needs and requests of each service provided.

As a workshop organizer, Ann is detail-oriented and driven to excel. Having been a participant in a workshop Ann organized in Amsterdam, I must say that she was very careful preparing an excellent course, but also making sure everyone was comfortable and having a nice learning experience.

As a trainer, Ann is dynamic and only rests when she considers the "mission accomplished".


By choosing Ann to bring a M&E workshop to Portugal, I was sure we would have an intense and fruitful event; and we did!

When it comes to Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Measurement for accountability and development, Ann is, without a doubt, an asset for any organization.

Sarah Diop

Quebec, Canada

We have had the pleasure of working with Ann-Murray recently. Her assignment was to test our M&E software – LogAlto – and give us her comments and suggestions as an M&E expert. She exceeded our expectations for this assignment.


The report was well presented, well written, and very clear. She has skills in M&E and strategic planning, but also has the ability to communicate and share information/knowledge in a unique, useful, constructive way. I was also very impressed by her attention to detail.

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​​​Ann-Murray Brown

Monitoring, Evaluation and
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