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Join Our 

Monitoring and Evaluation


Being a member of the M&E Academy gives you the following benefits for 2 years.

  • Access to 2 Online Modules on M&E

  • Access to over 100 infographics on M&E (all available in high definition downloadable pdf format)

  • Access  to Theory of Change Master Class content (videos, powerpoint presentations, background documents and handouts)

  • Unlimited Access to the Resource Library

  • Unlimited Access to the Member Forum to interact with other professionals

  • One-on-One consultations with Ann-Murray Brown

Build your monitoring and evaluation expertise 

Learn from the best M&E minds in the industry

Go at your own pace and apply what you learn to a range of projects in the development world

Gather knowledge in a clear, concise and fun way while developing critical thinking

You are eager to participate...but have a few more questions about the M&E Academy and when we will be accepting new members again.

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