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Career Summary

Trainer | Evaluator | Researcher
Main areas of expertise: Child Protection, Social Inclusion, Gender and Human Rights
Ann-Murray Brown
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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) need not be 'rocket science', painful nor a necessary evil.


As a result of my belief, I have devoted a greater part of my professional life 'de-mystifying'M&E, aking complex concepts understandable not only to the executive in the office, but to the community worker as well. M&E can be simple (though not simplistic!) That is my mantra. I do this by helping organisations simplify their M&E processes and by showcasing M&E in an innovative and creative way.


My approach to development work is greatly influenced from my eclectic educational and professional background. I grew up and worked in the Caribbean (and then in Europe) and I was also partly schooled in Asia. When I am not spreading the good news of M&E in evangelical fashion, I am involved in the implementation and/or the evaluation of programmes implemented in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Liberia, Nicaragua, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Zambia, The Caribbean and eastern European countries.  


These programmes span the development spectrum; gender equality, HIV/AIDS, decent work, child protection, civil society strengthening, social inclusion, governance, human rights and justice reform.


Though of all these areas, I am most passionate when it comes to the rights of children, women and marginalised groups in society. My research and lobby efforts in this area have led to actual policy and legislative changes to improve the working conditions of women in Jamaica.


My professional experiences gained at the United Nations and from working on programmes funded by the European Commission, have given me a truly global outlook. It has also honed my technical skills as it relates to designing Results-based Management (RBM) systems, Logical Frameworks, Indicator Development, Conducting evaluations, Facilitation and Research Skills.


I am also trained in Facilitation Skills, Participatory Methodology, Learning and Action PLA). My CV has further details on my credentials. Likewise, you may view samples of my work.


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