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Samples of Work


Involuntary Returned Migrant Study

This was a 2018 study that was commissioned by the UNDP on the social issues facing migrants that were invlountarily returned from the United Kingdom to Jamaica.


The objectives of the study were to ascertain insight on IRMs’ personal and family backgrounds; challenges related to reintegration; needs for and access to services/programmes to assist with their reintegration process; gender differences with respect to these needs and access; and the level of reoffending since deportation.


Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Policy 2019

This is a policy that was penned for The Salvation Army Netherlands to set quality norms and standards to how their interventions are monitored and evaluated globally.


The standards include (but not limited to);

-adherence to internationally agreed upon principles, goals and targets of development,

-application of the OECD/DAC criteria for evaluations

-the formation of an internal reference group for evaluations

-setting up of a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system

Advocacy and Policy Influencing

Evidence from academic research conducted by Ann-Murray Brown and partnership with lobby groupsons and the media contirbued to policy changes and amendments to the Factories Act in Jamaica. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tool was developed to measure the performance of the first (and newly)established Sexual Offences Model Court in Antigua and Barbuda

Policy Research

This is a published journal article that  was  authored on the plights of women working under inhumane and 'slave-like' factory conditions.The major findings were that the business practices were not in line with the provisions of International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the UN Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).  Recommendations of the study were for the national government to have more gender focused policies, changes to the law to protect the rights of women and gender mainstreaming.

UN Evaluation

Facilitation of  the 2009 Evaluation of the programmatic activities under United Nations Development (UNDAF) Work Plan. The UNDAF is the Work Plan/Country Strategy Paper that the nine (9) UN agencies in the greater Caribbean should gear their development work over five years. Role in the evaluation was being part of the data collection process, reviewing the Evaluation report and identifying strategies to integrate the findings in the programming processes.

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