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Work experience
Independent Consultant, various locations worldwide, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Specialist


Providing  support in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)  to various organisations. 

Technical support given include:

  • (Ghost) writing of blog articles on MEL concepts and development issues for use on   websites, publications etc

  • Conducting evaluations

  • Beta Tester for MEL software

  • Designing Theories of Change, Logical Frameworks/ Results-based Frameworks

  • Setting up of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems

  • Facilitation of MEL training 

  • Use of the Most Significant Change technique

  • Production of training videos


The Salvation Army Netherlands/Switzerland Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PME&L) Specialist

​Present (Part-time)

  • Drafted the MEL Policy to guide the monitoring and evaluation of development programmes of the Dutch and Swiss Salvation Army offices in over 50 countries

  • Developed the Theory of Change for the 'Bead For All' programme in collaboration with partners from Salvation Army Swiss office and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Developed the Learning Agenda to capture lessons learnt and institutionalise learning among the various partners (amongst the respective Salvation Army offices as well as at the partner level)

  • Development of a Community of Practise (COP) to facilitate the exchange of peer-to-peer knowledge and expertise

  • Organisation of learning events to sensitive staff to the International Aids Transparency Initiative (IATI) and MEL

Child Helpline International, Amsterdam Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

​2010 - 2016 (Part-time)


Key Achievements


  • Solely authored and published CHI's Impact Assessment Manual. This is a tool I developed after our partner agencies expressed a desire to conduct their own evaluations, but felt overwhelmed by Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) jargons. The Manual was the solution and is written in a simple and straight-forward manner to assist non-technical persons to conduct evaluations.


  • Designed the Action Plan (with the Monitoring and Evaluation system) for the 3 Year Framework Partnership Agreement between Child Helpline International and the European Commission (2015- 2017). It was the strength of the Action Plan that was a large contributor to the organisation  being funded by the EC. The programme focuses on child rights and protection.


  • Overhauled the old M&E systems at CHI and implemented a new Results-based Management system (RBM) with quality standards, processes and tools. This new system include more robust Annual Plans, 3 Year Logframe/Intervention Logics, Theories of Change and the M&E Plans. This new RBM system resulted in significant improvements in CHI's accountability and how the organisation measures and reports on its achievements to donors and stakeholders.


  • Spearheaded the conducting of six (6) evaluations; Mid-Term Reviews of CHI's in social interventions in 2011 and 2014, two End Evaluations of CHI's gender and child protection programmes, Child Impact Assessments in Colombia and Uganda, Ex ante evaluations.


Overall Tasks


  • Chairs the Child Helpline Impact Assessment Advisory Taskforce; this group informs the evaluation questions and the methodology for evaluations, design evaluation training manuals and supervises the execution of the different phases of specific impact assessment studies in Colombia and Uganda.


  • Commissions external evaluations. My role is to draft Terms of References, interview researchers, draft contracts, facilitate Inception Meetings, review draft Evaluation Reports, disseminate 'learning' and follow-up actions after the evaluation, such as 'dissemination seminars' and drafting 'Manager's Response' to the evaluation findings.


  • Liaises with academic research institutions for the conducting and publication of studies. For example, I was successful in engaging a faculty member at the University of Amsterdam to contribute to CHI's Child Helpline Impact Assessment Advisory Council.


  • CHI's focal point in the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) and Planning, Learning and Action (PLA) Working groups for the joint programmes funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Focal point to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) stakeholder meetings to develop indicators on the rights of the child in Europe. My direct contribution was to discuss the need for disaggregated indicators that capture data on marginalised and vulnerable groups, such as Roma children and Unaccompanied Migrant children.


  • Chairs the Principles, Standards and Practises (PSP) group. This group is part of the quality assurance and risk management system.


  • Conducts pre and post test evaluations of CHI's capacity development activities (focused on gender, Sexual Reproduction Health Rights (SRHR) and child protection) implemented with partners in  Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Nicaragua, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Zambia. 


  • Introduced new (er) techniques of evaluation to CHI; e.g. Most Significant Change and Outcomes Harvesting.


United Nations, UN Coordination Analyst

​2008 - 2010


Key Achievements


  • Delivering as One: I was appointed as co-chair for the Results Based Management advisory committee in 2009. This  was the main body to oversee the monitoring and evaluation of the new country programme in Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • I facilitated the 2009 Evaluation of the programmatic activities under United Nations Development (UNDAF) Work Plan. The UNDAF is the Work Plan/Country Strategy Paper that the nine (9) UN agencies in the greater Caribbean should gear their development work over five years. My role in the evaluation was being part of the data collection process, reviewing the Evaluation report and identifying strategies to integrate the findings in the programming processes.


  • Successfully mobilised resources for the UN Coordinator Fund. US$150,000 was mobilised from UN Headquarters in New York to finance yearly programmes which fell outside of the requirements for regular funding.


  • I facilitated the first ever Governance Community of Practice (COP) in Jamaica. This is an online platform that allows for the sharing of information, learning outcomes and 'best practises' among civil society and the development partners ( USAID, UNDP,  European Commission etc.). The COP facilitated democratic dialogue on issues such as violence prevention and sustainable peace, local governance/ community safety and anti-corruption.


Overall Tasks


  • Member of the Joint HIV/AIDS Steering Group which comprised of the World Health Organization (WHO), UNAIDS and UNESCO. This group interfaced with the external evaluation team and the national government for the evaluation of the UN programmes geared towards the achievement of MDG 6: Eradication of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases in the Caribbean region.


  • I facilitated workshops and designed training materials on Monitoring and Evaluation for  UN Country Teams to sensitise them to concepts related to Results Based Management (RBM).


  • I contracted and supervised the research team that conducted the 2008 and 2009 Local Salary Survey and Hardship of Duty Station survey (June and August 2009) for over 300 UN international staff in Jamaica. 


  • I developed the output indicators that were used to track achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Ministry of Justice, Jamaica Research and Monitoring Officer

​2003 - 2008


  • Developed an Action Plan for the implementation and monitoring of the articles contained under UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).


  • Co-chair of the Jamaican Justice Review Taskforce that focused on the reform of the Jamaica Justice system in 2006. This Reform sought to encourage the participation of civil society in governance and justice system. 


  • Reviewed policy formulation and conducted qualitative and quantitative research on matters pertaining to constitutional reform, electoral management, conflict resolution and peace management initiatives.


  • Developed the Logical Framework for monitoring and evaluating the outcomes under the Security Sector Reform Programme (SSRP) funded by the European Union (33M euro).


  • Developed output indicators for the European Union Support for Economic Reform III  funded by the European Development Fund. 


The Logical Framework and output indicators that I developed for the programmes above measured the extent to which the programmes promoted democratization, established stable and effective institutions, improved public sector management and strengthened the local civil society.


Kingston Restoration Company, Jamaica Project Officer

​2002 - 2003



  • Identified and evaluated proposals for potential recipients of the micro-enterprise programme that covered agriculture and commerce.


  • Undertook capacity building exercises with women from low income backgrounds to develop expertise and skills in budgeting. The women were participants in an income-generation programme to increase their self-sufficiency.


  • Conducted Social Impact Assessments to ascertain the long-term/sustainable effects that the Micro-enterprise financing programme had the lives of the partners.


  • Conducted baseline studies in several rural areas before the implementation of a Poverty Alleviation Project.


Jamaica Social Investment Fund Facilitator/Trainer

​2001 - 2002


Delivered Organisational Strengthening (OS) modules in Communication and Conflict Resolution, Financial Management, Organizational Development to Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community-based organisations (CBOs). This capacity building exercise was a criterion before funding was released by the World Bank to these entities.



Native English Speaker

Dutch (Intermediate Level)






Technical  Skills
  • Designing Results-based Management (RBM) systems


  • Drafting technical reports


  • Proposal writing


  • Theories of Change/InterventionLogic/Logical Framework Development


  • Indicator Development (output and outcome)


  • Qualitative Research


  • Facilitation and participatory methodologies


  • Project Management


  • Drafting of Manuals and Training materials

Interpersonal Skills
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills - proven in documents authored and workshops successful facilitated


  • Exceptional teamworking attributes and ability to interact seamlessly in multicultural teams - derived from positions held within international organisation


  • Excellent leadership abilities - demonstrated by successfully leading research teams


Organisational Skills
IT Skills
  • Strong coordination abilities - very effective during tenure at the UN as 'UN Coordination Analyst"


  • Analytical with effective -time mangement  - demonstrated by managing evaluations and projects (with different reporting cycles) 



  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite


  • Proficient in Powtoon (a video production software)


  • Competent in Website Design (I designed this website that you are now reading)


  • Proficient in the use of Statistical Software for the Social Scientist (SPSS)


  • Knowledgeable of Prince and Atlas


Ewha Womans Univeristy, South Korea, MSc. in Development Cooperation (GPA 4.2)

2007 - 2008


Main areas covered include Official Development Assistance (ODA),  International Policy Trends and Methods, Negotiation and Strategy, Diplomacy & Security, Gender, Gender-Mainstreaming in social policies, Feminization of Poverty, Human Rights and Gender Analysis


University of the West Indies, MSc. in Social Policy (with Distinction)

​2004 - 2006


Main areas covered include monitoring and evaluation of programmes, project development and management, data gathering and statistical analysis


University of the West Indies, BSc. in Sociology and Psychology (First Class Honours)

​1999 - 2002


Main areas covered include Research methodologies (qualitative and quantitative), Results-Based Management, Coaching, Team Dynamics


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