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Monitoring and Evaluation


What is the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Academy?

The Academy is a community of learning where like-minded professionals gather to share knowledge and expertise on Monitoring and Evaluation.

Who is the M&E Academy for?

It's for everyone.

Your job title does not have to say “M&E”, as long as you are somehow involved in measuring and reporting on the outcomes of an intervention or programme, the Academy is for you. The topics we cover include gender, use of Artificial Intelligence, facilitation techniques, capturing lessons learned etc.

Regardless of where you are in your career, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned M&E professional, you're welcome. No prior M&E knowledge is required to be part of our community. Even if you're already an M&E expert, you'll find ample opportunities to refine your skills by becoming a member

When can I join?


Upon joining, your membership will be valid for one year. For example, if you join on September 10 2023, your membership is valid until September 2024. Or if you join on 22 October 2023, your membership expires on 22 October 2024. So no matter when you join, you are a member for 12 months.  This ensures that  you have ample time to make the most of the resources and the 12 workshops on offer.

What are the benefits of being a member of the academy?

Being a member of the M&E Academy gives you the following benefits for one year.

  • Access to over 100 infographics on M&E (all available in high definition downloadable pdf format that can be used for your trainings and reports)

  • Access to Theory of Change content (powerpoint presentations, background documents and handouts)

  • Unlimited Access to the Resource Library

  • Unlimited Access to the Member Forum to interact with other professionals

  • Being a member gives access to premium content such as certain blogs and discounts for events of affiliate partners

  • Opportunity to consult with Ann-Murray Brown and other guest speakers during monthly workshops (via Zoom)

How much is the investment in your professional growth?

We believe in accessibility. For a nominal fee of just 29.99 euros per year, you gain access to a wealth of resources for one year. The fee is to cover administrative costs, and maintain our platform's hosting.

What sets the Academy apart from others?

The resources and workshops of the Academy de-mystify complex M&E concepts in a way that anyone can understand. Jargons and ‘mumbo-jumbo’ are broken down for academy members as we try to make M&E an inclusive space to account for neurodivergence and different educational backgrounds.

Our monthly workshops, led by industry experts, offer invaluable opportunities for live interaction and personalized feedback. Join us and experience the transformative power of the M&E Academy firsthand.

Do you also offer custom training for companies and organisations?

Yes, we do. Get in touch by email 

How are the topics for the workshops determined?

Members of the academy submit a topic or issue they will love to discuss. Usually it is an issue one is facing on the job. A final selection of the topic to be discussed is made from the list of topics that were submitted. Persons are not obligated to attend every workshop. However, once someone is attending a workshop, they may be given 'homework' to do beforehand so that the session is participatory.

When do the monthly workshops  take place?

The group calls take place on a day in the last week of the month. The times will vary to accomodate persons in different times zones. Special considerations are made for persons based in Australia and Asia.

How do I access the M&E Academy?

First, you click the 'Subscribe now' button below. After you have paid 29.99 euros, you log into the webite ( using the same email address you used to make the payment. Once you log in, you click the "M&E Academy" tab from the menu. You will then have access to the M&E Academy (see screenshot below).

Do I get a certificate for being a member of the academy?

This can be arranged upon request.

Are there any scholarships available?

At the moment there are no scholarships available.

How do I access the monthly workhops/webinars?

Please be advised that in order to join the  monthly group calls/ webinars you will need to make/have a Zoom account. This Zoom account should use the same email address as the one you use to purchase your Academy membership.

Screenshots  of the the M&E Academy (with the infographics) once you enroll.

Screenshot of M&E Academy2.png
Screenshot of infographics_edited.png

Build your monitoring and evaluation expertise 

Learn from the best M&E minds in the industry

Go at your own pace and apply what you learn to a range of projects in the development world

Gather knowledge in a clear, concise and fun way while developing critical thinking

You are eager to participate...but have a few more questions about the M&E Academy

​​​Ann-Murray Brown

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